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Below are all the documents you need to write to Jim Harra of the HMRC explaining why you are keeping your employees' PAYE and NI in Trust for HM government (HMG) until such a time that HMG can guarantee the taxes of your employees will not be used to fund crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide. At the end of the financial year, you send the final document on this page.

If HM government fails to fulfill its requirements as Primary Beneficiary, the monies in the trust go to the Secondary Beneficiaries, your employees.


Send your documents Deed (1), Letter (2) & Laws Governing War (3) to HMRC by registered post which requires a signature. Also send an email copy. At the end of the financial year, send the Trustees End of Year Letter (4) giving HMG the option to remedy. If they fail to meet the conditions of the Trust, the PAYE and NI contributions held in Trust for HMG will be returned to your employees.

You can download each PDF document individually or we have also put together a complete package as a zip file.

Deed (1)

Download (pdf)

Sample Letter (2)

Download (pdf)

Laws Governing War (3)

Download (pdf)

Trustees End of Financial Year Letter (4)

Download (pdf)

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War between nations was renounced by the signatories of the Kellogg-Briand Treaty. This means that it has become throughout practically the entire world, an illegal thing. Hereafter, when nations engage in armed conflict, either one or both of them must be termed violators of this general treaty law.

- Henry Stimson, US Secretary of State 1932

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